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CD Replication – preparing your Master

I have just been reading an article posted on another site from a company offering CD Duplication that basically claims that Mastering is easy and anybody these days can do it! Well that basically contradicts every professional opinion in the industry along with the recording artists intentions when they first set about producing their music.

When such a claim is made it can only suggest one thing – are they truly concerned with the quality of product? I suppose in some sense it is correct in saying anybody can create a master CD but professionally? No way! Why do mastering engineers still receive so much acclaim for their work. Look at the credits on major releases and I bet you will nearly always see a credit for mastering by an engineer not involved with the initial recording or mixing.

Simply using the normalising setting on Nero for example does not create the perfect CD master! Even the creators of the software would never claim that! It is intended for home users and that is why it is simple to use! Professional mastering houses have combinations of specialist hardware and software which enables the engineer to deftly tweak the mix rather than simply flatten the entire program to one level!

Digital Disc Duplication UK respects the fact that not all recording artists can attend mastering sessions at Abbey Road for example but this does not mean they should only be left with the choice of home user software. It also does not mean that anyone with the best hardware and software combinations can produce the best master either! The engineer is the key element for any stage of the production and with this in mind it is possible to produce some great work that compares with the named artists and engineers.

When you are preparing for your next release and require professional CD replication rather than short run CD duplication, bear in mind the importance of the final stage prior to Glass Mastering and Replication. Professional mastering does and always will produce a better result than any home based CD burning software and could make the difference between a good product and a GREAT product.