CD Replication & DVD Duplication Services UK  CD Duplication & DVD Duplication Services UK

CD Replication overseas – not such a good deal!

Many companies offering CD and DVD replication source the actual manufacturing overseas simply to get cheaper prices. This is often possible due to various reasons including cheaper labour, inferior quality product materials and more recently the strong pound could buy more Euros (or whatever currency for the country of manufacture).

Digital Disc Duplication has ALWAYS maintained the policy of Made in the UK because of the quality control and the added security of your copyrighted material. We have never claimed to offer the cheapest prices but we have always offered the best prices possible for the highest quality of service and product.

Now there is a new twist – with the UK currency weakening against the Euro and around the globe, it is more costly to buy manufacturing from overseas so now you can not only get the quality of Made in the UK from Digital Disc Duplication but our prices are not rising due to the fact we are not buying with alternative currencies!

Contact us today to get a great quote on DVD or CD replication and gain from the quality you get when Made in the UK!