CD Replication & DVD Duplication Services UK  CD Duplication & DVD Duplication Services UK

CD Replication or CD Duplication?

CD Replication is the only method to produce true retail quality product. Fact. CD Duplication is best suited for short volume requirements or quick turnaround and demonstration purposes for example. It will not provide a product good enough to be sold in reputable retail stores.

Digital Disc Duplication UK offers both CD Replication and CD Duplication services but will always be upfront and honest about the differences and what would best suit your requirements. If any company offers you an 100% compatibility promise with CD duplication, be wary! This cannot be truly claimed.

There are times when CD duplication favours CD replication such as last minute requirements for product demonstration at this weekends trade show. At times such as this it is usually impossible to provide CD replication due to the more time consuming processes involved and therefore CD duplication saves the day. If it is a professional product that is for retail however it is always suggested you allow the time to use CD replication.

Contact Digital Disc Duplication UK for any questions or to find out how much time you would need to prepare for your CD replication deadline.