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CD Replication – Made in the UK!

Banks are failing, economy is heading towards (or already in) recession, unemployment levels are going up and there is even talk of global depression! What wonderful headlines we all wake up to but why is the prime concern the stock markets around the world? The majority of UK citizens do not own stocks, the pensions are already shot due to stocks (and they were not even aware of the fact they were linked) and yet they still are expected to contribute towards the rescue of corporate failings!

The basis of any economy is the consumer faith within the country boundaries so why can’t the general public be helped rather than the corporations? The very first simple step would be to help provide job security. Wouldn’t it be nice just for a change to buy something that boldly says “Made in the UK”. Well if you are planning your next CD replication project you can do just that! Contact Digital Disc Duplication UK for a great quote on your project and include proudly on the artwork “Made in the UK”.

If only more companies and even the government supported the ground roots rather than the selected few maybe such a mess would be prevented at home! When you look at the fuller picture and notice it is those countries who still manufacture that currently have the fastest growing economies because we have no choice other than to buy their products at times! Notice their governments are not ploughing billions into this so called global rescue package?

Digital Disc Duplication UK supports jobs IN the UK by guaranteeing all product is Made in the UK! It doesn’t take much to do and we are proud to provide this service and see our colleagues in work rather than struggling. Is it worth saving 1 or 2 pence per CD by making them in China where there is also a huge counterfeit problem? We don’t think so and we know our customers are grateful for the added security of their products we provide! When searching for quotes for your next CD replication requirements, ask the companies where they would be made! Digital Disc Duplication GUARANTEES Made in the UK! Isn’t it time we all started helping ourselves rather than other economies?