CD Replication & DVD Duplication Services UK  CD Duplication & DVD Duplication Services UK

CD Replication & DVD Replication costs rise…

The enevitable happens with the extraordinary high costs of oil and energy we are currently experiencing – raw material costs and factory costs rise which ultimately need to be passed on.

Not all is doom and gloom however as Digital Disc Duplication UK have managed to lock in some costs and shuffle others without any compromise on quality of service or product. Recent energy prices alone have risen by 30-40% within 12 months and with oil still 30% higher in price than the same time 12 months ago (despite recent falls in price) there is little wonder the costs to provide CD replication and DVD replication services have risen throughout the UK, Europe and indeed around the world.

Because Digital Disc Duplication predicted such cost increases they managed to lock in to some great material and energy deals ahead of the crisis which has resulted in being one of the last to have to change their charges but alas not everything can last forever and as of October 2008 there will be some changes to the prices charged.

However with some further behind the scenes forward planning Digital Disc Duplication are proud to announce that while some prices will have to increase in order to cover rising costs, it has also been possible to lower some prices in growing productivity areas which in turn will result in offering you the best possible package deals while still providing the same high quality of service and of course product that is Made in the UK! Nothing will change with personel or services and nothing will change with manufacturuing process or location! Digital Disc Duplication will continue to provide the ultimate one stop shop for your CD or DVD requirements at the best possible prices. Contact us today for your custom quote