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CD Replication – an alternative to brochures?

CD replication is more commonly known to be for music, games and software but how about using a CD for advertising? There are numerous advantages in doing so to consider.

So you have a new range of products or services to be launched and therefore word needs to be spread to notify potential buyers. You turn to your advertising agent or you graphic designer and what do they always start working on straight away? A new catalogue or glossy brochure. As it has been for many years now every page needs designing, pictures need to be taken and artwork prepared ready for printing so that your customer base and targetted audience can receive a copy of this nice new shiny brochure in the mail. Packaging of the brochure is usually custom printed also and the final package weighs quite a bit leaving you with huge postage costs.

So what are the alternatives and how does the CD come into this? Your advertising agent or designer needs to put the artwork together for a brochure so it is a fixed cost. Transfer this cost to creating an interactive brochure and not only will this provide the same means to show your new products but it will allow for possible video clips, back catalogue items, weblinks to current features on your site (and therefore the instant way to show the very latest products without the need to mail out a supplement) and much more.

Then consider the printing costs of the brochure and compare that to CD replication costs. Glossy brochures or magazines would cost pounds per unit while the CD would cost pence per unit! Add this to the weigh difference and consider how much saving would be made in mailing out the CD rather than the brochure!

Another huge saving would be the impact on the environment. Far less material usage for the CD and with options to produce packaging using recycled materials and transport and mailing costs lower due to less weight all result in reducing the carbon footprint for advertising your new products! All of this and you still get your message across but in a far less costly manner (financially and environmentally) and in a modern interactive way.

Digital Disc Duplication UK can help with such projects from start to finish and the savings you will probably feel like an early bonus order of your new products! Contact us today to start your new interactive brochure!