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CD Replication – alternative presentation ideas

Previously we have discussed various packaging options for CD and DVD replication projects. Whilst the firm favourites remain the CD jewel case and DVD case, many card packaging options can provide a slightly different to the norm presentation and quite often can be seen as “greener” alternatives. Unfortunately the true “green” option of printing on recycled stock can actually increase costs but with more consumers considering the recycled packaging of importance over the plastic options, it is possible the sales could increase as a result!

Other ways to make your DVD or CD replication product stand out include the image printed onto the disc itself. While more designs are using full colour, fewer consider spot colour print these days and more often than not, this method can produce a clearer more striking image than a busy full colour design.

Or you can print your CD to look like an old vinyl album – complete with the feeling of the grooves! Simple yet effective and possibly a thought for any projects that are re-releases from the original vinyl!

Without the need to go to great additional costs Digital Disc Duplication can help with the design for your CD or DVD project as well as offer a wide range of packaging options! Even the full colour printing we offer on the discs is offset where most other DVD and CD replication facilities will print screen print for colour.

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