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CD & DVD Replication for Christmas…

Time is running out for CD or DVD replication completions this side of Christmas so if you have not yet booked your project then contact Digital Disc Duplication now to avoid disappointment! The same applies for early New Year release plans – the sooner these can be scheduled will make sure they are amongst the first off the press in 2009!

While the sales for gifts leading up to Christmas are of the highest throughout the year, early new year sales are also often good with many people spending gift cards on new CD releases or the latest games for the console they received as a gift!

CD replication specialists Digital Disc Duplication UK will make sure your product is ready for Christmas or the New Year but schedules would need to be arranged this week! We can help with any last minute artwork or even mastering requirements but please hurry as once our time is fully booked, we could not offer any guarantees on turnaround!

Make sure you don’t miss out and check with Digital Disc Duplication UK what time for completion of your DVD replication is possible. If we commit to the deadline, we will make it!