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CD & DVD Manufacturing – more wheeling & Dealing…

As there is more changing of hands between companies in the DVD and CD replication industry, Digital Disc Duplication remains unscathed and one of the few companies left that continues to grow in its own right. Maybe this is just one of the reasons clients continue to work with Digital Disc Duplication year after year – they know who they are working with and where their product will be made!

Recent years have seen many DVD & CD manufacturers fail or buying other competitors, only to then fail due to the excess debt taken on. It comes down to the same reasons the banking system is in so much turmoil at the moment – GREED!

Imagine placing your CD or DVD catalogue with a company that is then bought by another company that you had no intention of working with in the first place… or worse still the company you selected is merged but the operations are all moved to the other facility, during such moves masters are lost and print is stored in wrong locations…. This happens and you have no control whatsoever.

Digital Disc Duplication are proud to remain independant with the same staff our clients have come to trust and they know the end result will be of the highest standard with product Made in the UK!

Contact Digital Disc Duplication for your custom quote and stay clear of the greed rat race…. work with a team dedicated to providing the highest level of service and quality product rather than the fear of not knowing where your masters will end up………