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Blu-Ray Player Shortage…

It seems every year this happens. A new platform is launched and the maufacturers cannot supply enough to meet the demand of the pre Christmas market. This year is no exception (although it is not about a new games console).

Blu-Ray players have dramatically lowered in price and as predicted, the demand for this format has soared. Trouble is there will not be sufficient supply for the UK or European market place this side of Christmas.

While this could be seen as a major set back for Blu-Ray and those who are releasing new titles for the seasonal market, it should not dent either sales or growth. Many shoppers looking for the perfect gift will simply buy the standard DVD rather than Blu-Ray as they know there will stil be no concerns regarding playback when they do upgrade the player.

The latest demand for the Blu-Ray players has exceeded expectations already and this is why we believe this growth, while slowed due to lack of supply, will pick the pace back up in the new year. Many consumers are relying on home entertainment during tough economic times and while there is no immediate end in sight to these problems, home we will stay!

DVD replication will continue as a popular format for some time to come and for the immediate future it will remain the number one choice as consumer format but Blu-Ray replication has started the growth positively and while it will take some time yet to be as popular as DVD, it will provide the added bonus if consumer choice!

Digital Disc Duplication UK can provide replication services for both DVD and Blu-Ray along with full creation and authoring facilities. Contact us for a custom quote for your next project and provide the consumer choice for your release!