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Anti-piracy – The fight goes on….

In a recent raid in Manchester more than 500000 pirated DVDs were seized which led to 10 arrests for those involved.  To date this is one of the largest total of counterfeit discs found in a single UK operation. Following the recent jail sentence given to John Croy for another pirate CD and DVD operation it provides a great sense of satisfaction to companies such as Digital Disc Duplication UK who provide legitimate CD replication, DVD replication and Blu-Ray replication services as well as those producing the genuine product in the first place.

But are these counterfeit discs only made in peoples living rooms or abandoned warehouses? While operations continue to track down such organisations it is encouraging when results such as these latest arrests are achieved but how much more can you the original artist or producer of your work do to help against piracy?

Strict rules and laws are in place in the UK that govern legitimate replication companies which not only makes it extremely unwise for any such company to attempt pirating discs in any way but also makes it extremely difficult. Such rules and regulations however are not always so strict in other countries.

It is therefore essential for you the owner of the copyrighted work to be very careful when selecting the company to replicate the discs on your behalf. There are often many very cheap prices offered to encourage your order but how and why are some prices so much cheaper than others? Well one reason is the location of where the discs are replicated and once the master leaves these shores can you be 100% certain it stays in trust worthy possession?

Digital Disc Duplication offers that sense of security with product Made in the UK! Not only does this provide the strict security for your product but also the quality you would expect from Made in the UK.

Contact Digital Disc Duplication for a quote on your next replication requirements and you may be pleasantly surprised the cost of security is not that high!