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Another Pirate raid….

With news of yet another bust on a pirate DVD operation, this time in the West Midlands, it is heartening for the DVD replication industry that it seems the fight against piracy in the UK is hotter than ever before. There seem to be more frequent raids with results preventing thousands lost in revenue for the producers of the original material and the manufacturing businesses.

While this head on fight against illegal disc copying is continuing in the UK, sadly it is not the case of such tight laws in all countries. Many major film companies have pulled out of business in South Korea for example due to poor sales as a direct result of rampant piracy and other countries such as China are known to have records of upto 90% of media products sold being pirated copies!  So how can we combat this?

Unfortunately there is little sign such activity will simply stop however we can help limit the damage by keeping the masters away from the pirates! Many companies offering DVD and CD replication services from the UK purely go for the cheapest prices regardless of quality or anti-piracy control. This results in the original masters being sent straight to the factories overseas where piracy is rife and this can result in pirated copies that you cannot tell the difference from the originals!

Digital Disc Duplication UK guarantees all CDs and DVDs are replicated here in the UK and therefore all those involved adhere to the strict anti-piracy policies. Why risk saving a few pence on manufacturing which could result in losing thousands in lost revenue due to piracy? Contact Digital Disc Duplication UK for your custom quote today and be sure of the quality and where it is made!