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An advanced Audio CD?

Sony seem to be revelling in their success of Blu-Ray over HD-DVD and have now claimed to have produced another Audio CD format that produces high quality reproduction on standard CD players. If, as all claims seem to be, Audio CD replication requirements are diminishing, why invest the time and resource in developing this revised format?

Either Sony have too much time or money on their hands or they also believe the professional audio market is not restricted to MP3! I very much doubt you will find any teen pop releases on this format but there is a good possibility Classical, Jazz and what would be considered as classic or “pure” music would certainly start appearing using this new CD.

The audio is not high definition but simply an improved re-production of the discs using the “Blu” technolgy which improves the quality of the laser beam when cutting. Combined with the polymer material used for Blu-Ray discs, the result is less jitter (noise) hence producing high quality audio.

We will see if this format does gather pace or if it falls away before it even picks up but with giants such as Sony investing in such research, surely it is a good signal that the market for CD replication still has life yet and it shows there is still a requirement for consumers to buy music in the best format possible and NOT downloaded!