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Alternative CD packaging ideas….

Following discussions regarding rising costs for some CD replication and DVD replication components it is always a breath of fresh air when some costs can fall!

Digital Disc Duplication UK are proud to announce just that for one particular packaging alternative for CD. For many years the standard Jewel Case has been probably the cheapest option for a retail ready CD to be packaged into and to be honest this is more than likely to continue to be the scenario. Sometimes however it is good to have the option to package your CD product in something just a little bit different but without too much additional expense.

Well there have always been these alternatives such as DigiPacks, Lancing packs and Super Jewel Cases but there is normally quite a difference in price for either of these alternatives to the standard Jewel Case. Until now! Digital Disc Duplication UK have increased productivity in many areas and whilst DigiPacks are available at fantastic prices as an alternative to Jewel Cases, recent additions to packaging lines as one measure to improve productivity now means the Super Jewel Case packaging alternative is at an all time low price!

This in turn increases print requirement productivity for these cases therefore the print costs are also at an all time low. Whilst many CD replication companies offer many packaging alternatives, never before has such an attractive alternative been so competitive in price to the standard Jewel Case.

Contact Digital Disc Duplication UK to see how much impact an alternative packaging could make to your product without the huge impact on price difference!